If you are so inclined to check out the nightlife in Rosarito then we have some recommendations for you.  As always, please be safe and take an Uber or taxi.  Please do not drink and drive.

Also, NEVER open a tab and leave your card at the bar.  If you’re paying by card, always close out your tab after each purchase.  They are also required by law to bring the terminal (pronounced tur-mee-nahl) to your table or to you personally so make sure they do that.  Most bars don’t accept credit card, but with the ones that do you always want to close out your tab every time you make a purchase.

If you go to a bar and opt for the “all-you-can-drink” option we recommend that you also give the bartender a handsome tip of $10-$20 and make sure he sees it and knows that you expect to be served right away. That will save you from having to wait in line behind a sea of people.  They definitely remember who tips them and so that $20 will go a long way and you’ll end up getting more drinks because of it.

  1. Papas and Beer- This is THE go-to spot for Americans.  On a busy weekend you can find 20,000 people there sweating and dancing like wild animals.  If you want a place to party with young, drunk Americans then this is the spot to be.  We recommend getting a table with bottle service instead of individual drinks because it will be cheaper and the service is usually better.  On weekends there is usually a cover charge of up to $20 and then this bar normally accepts credit cards and the main bar.  Credit Cards accepted most of the time.
  2. Club Iggy’s- During the summer this bar is also very popular and offers dancing and drinking all night long for the younger crowd.  During the day they also have a popular 2-story beach bar where you can listen to American music and enjoy the sun while sipping on a cocktail or beer. Normally cash only at this place.  Cash Only.
  3. Coco Beach- This terrace bar just down the street from Papas and Beer has recently grown significantly in popularity. They offer dancing and drinking just like all the other bars, but in our experiences the prices seem to be a bit higher here.  Cash Only
  4. Acua- This is a newer outdoor bar that caters mainly to Americans and is located right next to the Festival Plaza hotel on the corner.  The service is good, it’s on the main strip in Rosarito so the people watching is good, prices are reasonable, and the food is very good.  This is not a spot for dancing and so there is a good mix of young, old, and in the middle people.  Fun spot to grab a drink, make some friends, and enjoy Rosarito.  They also accept credit cards.
  5. Plan B- This is the closest bar to San Antonio del Mar and is located directly across the bridge that goes over the highway.  In our opinion this is a must-stop bar.  It caters mainly to the Americans who have left the US to live in paradise.  They have a big outdoor patio area that you can sit at if you can find a seat and the hamburgers are excellent.  Everyone there is very friendly and many people go there to watch sports.  They also have a giant spin wheel that is very fun.  It’s $1 per spin and you can win free drinks, give drinks to strangers, and it’s always a fun way to make new friends.  Cash Only.  
  6. Ortega’s Buffet- This is one of our favorite bars in Rosarito because it’s a locals nightclub and gives you a real feel for how the Mexicans like to party.  If you are feeling brave and want to experience life as a local then you must make a stop here.  It’s located about 1.5 miles north of downtown Rosarito on the west side of the street.  Most drivers know where it is, but if not just tell them to go near the “Elektra” or you can pull it up on Google Maps.   Most of the time they have a Mexican band playing and then in between they have normal dance music.  It’s definitely an experience and is really fun to immerse yourself in the local culture.  We recommend getting a table to save yourself from having to stand all night as it gets very crowded after 11pm.  The bottles of alcohol around about $80 and include all the mixers and you can sit in the booths.  If you want a high-top table then you can buy a bucket of 10 beers (called a “cubeta”) for only $15-$20.  It’s one of the best deals in town at night time.  Just make sure you get a table just a little bit off the dancefloor or your eardrums will suffer in the morning.  It’s incredibly loud in there.  Only real drawback is if you don’t like cigarette smoke then this place might make you cough since everyone in there smokes. Still one of our favorite spots. Cash only.
  7. Antigua- Located directly across the main street from Ortega’s Buffet, this is another very popular locals bar.  They have a full bar and recently added a side room that has a dance floor.  If you want to hang out with some very attractive Mexican locals in a very low-key setting then check out this bar.