There are many touristy shopping spots in downtown Rosarito that all pretty much sell the same stuff.  You’ll find similar stores in Puerto Nuevo.  

If you want to go to a real shopping center, then there is the Pabellon Shopping Center about 4 minutes south of our house.  They have a Walmart, Home Depot, Cinepolis Movie Theater (tickets are ridiculously cheap at around $2), and several stores that sell everything from furniture to shoes and also a Money Exchange shop that is very reasonable.  There are also several restaurants there that you can eat at.  

If you want more Mexican-style goods, décor, home goods, and artwork then we recommend heading to Blvd Popotla where you’ll find some amazing items for your home.  To get there, basically take the same route that you would to get to Puerto Nuevo.  Take the toll road south, get off at the exit right after Rosarito Sur, turn left, and then drive about a mile and you’ll start to see the shops on the east side of the street.

Basically there are about 2 miles of shops that are all worth a look into.  You can find some really good deals on artwork, ceramic statues, lawn sculptures, furniture, ironwork, and many other handcrafted goods.  The deals are also very, very good so if you’re in the mood to shop then make sure you bring lots of cash because most of these places do not accept credit card (although they should).  

Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate and don’t accept the first price they give you.  Once they know you’re an American they will give you a higher price so try and get them down lower.  9 times out of 10 they will reduce their prices for you.  

So when you see a shop that you like then just park and then go explore.  And make sure you explore multiple shops or just walk the street and see them all.  We promise you’ll be happy with what you find.