Rosarito has many good places to eat ranging from Taco Shops to very nice, high-end restaurants. Below is a list of our favorites.  

Tacos al Yaqui- This is handsdown the most popular taco place in Rosarito.  On the weekends you can expect to wait up to an hour in line, but if you’re not in a big hurry then these tacos are worth the wait.  One taco is like a meal with meat, beans, cheese, salsa, and guacamole crammed into a flour tortilla.  Definitely worth eating at.

Tacos Los Poblanos- This our most popular taco shop for Birria and Adobada tacos.  The carne asada is good, but the Birria is very, very good. If you’ve never had a birria taco then go here.  Prices are cheap and the service is fast.  It’s directly across the street from the Acua bar and next to the tattoo shop.  This place gets very busy in the evening.  

El Nido- This is the oldest restaurant in Rosarito and the décor is very pretty.  Prices are standard and service is good.  It’s a little too fancy for our tastes, but still good if you want a formal sit-down meal.

Susanna’s- Susanna’s is a hidden gem that really only the locals know about.  They have a very American-style menu but on the healthier side.  Food is excellent, they have a good wine selection, also have vegetarian options, and it’s a very romantic restaurant just off the main strip.  The steak salad is one of our favorite meals in Rosarito. Prices are probably the most expensive in Rosarito.  They also accept credit card.

OMG Burger- OMG Burger opened up recently when the Festival Plaza opened up their new dining area just south of the hotel.  The burgers and fries are very good, prices are cheap, and my dog Nola is on their Instagram page so obviously they get points for that.  The owner is named Carli and she is from Venezuela.  All the girls there work extremely hard.  Also, they are the only ones in that little strip that accept Credit Card so go give them a try.

Bettucini’s- This is one of the most romantic spots in Rosarito according to the locals.  We are NOT talking about the Bettucini’s pizza stand next to OMG Burger.  You need to go about 400 yards south to where the original Bettucini’s is located.  It’s a standalone restaurant next to the Villa Paraiso Motel and Rene’s Casino.  Food is good and place is romantic.  

Betty Burger- This is probably the best burger joint in all of Rosarito.  It’s run by an American on Blvd Popotla.  Located on the east side of the street, Betty Burger using very high-quality meat and each patty is made by hand and to order.  Cash only and definitely worth it.

Pasta y Basta- You wouldn’t think that Rosarito has that many quality Italian restaurant, but they do.  Pasta y Basta is a little place on Blvd Popotla that is considered to be the best Italian restaurant in town. Great service, great food and a cozy atmosphere make this one of the top restaurants in all of Rosarito.

Trenta y Quattro- Located on Blvd Popotla just north of the Hotel Calafia is Trenta y Quattro.  If you are wanting an amazing pizza dinner, great wine, and live music then this is your spot.  The restaurant is located outside so it’s best to go there on a semi-warm evening, but it is an amazing experience.  There is live music most weekends and the pizza is fantastic.  You can also bring your own wine which is a bonus.

Plan B- This is also one of our favorite local bars, but they do serve up some tasty hamburgers.  Drive or walk across the bridge and it’s right there.  Grab a seat inside or on the patio and order up some delicious comida.

Café Conrado- The closest breakfast and lunch spot, this little eatery is located right at the entrance to San Antonio del Mar.  Great place to grab a Mexican-style breakfast and sip coffee while listening to the waves crash on the ocean.  It is located right on the cliff and has great views and also very reasonable prices.  Cash only.  

Mata Ashta Sushi- Also located at the entrance to San Antonio del Mar, many locals call this the best sushi restaurant in Rosarito.  Seating at the bar, tables, or on the patio and the place is always buzzing with happy ex-pats who are living the dream life in Rosarito.  The bands on the weekends are amazing and play some great covers.  This is also one of our favorite local bars.

Villa Ortega’s (in Puerto Nuevo)- Is also on our list under “Puerto Nuevo”, this is the best restaurant for lobster dinner in Puerto Nuevo and has the best view.  It’s very busy on the weekends so expect to wait, but they also offer the best margarita so waiting at the bar might not be such a bad thing after all