A decade ago you used to be able to go to Puerto Nuevo and get a full-blown lobster dinner for $10.  While those prices are gone (now it’s about $20 on a slow weekend and $30 on a busy one), you can still go and enjoy the sleepy town of Puerto Nuevo which has been serving up lobster dinners to Mexicans and Americans for decades.  

To get to Puerto Nuevo you can take the Toll Road straight there and you can pay the toll at the toll booth just past downtown Rosarito.  

However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to take the prettier way along the coast, which also happens to be free we recommend that.  

You’ll want to get off the Toll Road at the exit just AFTER Rosarito Sur and make a left.  That will take you to Blvd Popotla.  You will stay on this road for about 5 miles and eventually you will get to Puerto Nuevo on your right hand side.  The road is very pretty and there are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars that you can stop at along the way.  

There is also the old Fox Studios lot where they filmed Titanic.  While you can’t do a tour anymore, you can still see the active movie studio where they are still filming American movies and tv shows like the Walking Dead.

Once you get to Puerto Nuevo,  we recommend that you go to Villa Ortega’s.  There are TWO Ortega’s so make sure you go to the one that is on the water.  If you take the main entrance, drive down the main street until it dead ends, you will then see the Ortega’s you don’t want on your right, then make a left and drive down a rocky, cobblestone/dirt road until you get to the next dead end and that is where the GOOD Villa Ortega’s is located.  

It’s right alone the water, has an amazing view, some of the best lobster and the best prices, and also the best margarita we’ve ever had.  We like the regular margarita just a word of warning, it’s very strong so two of those and you’ll be feeling real good.   

Villa Ortega’s also offers free parking when you dine there if space is available.  The restaurant only take cash so make sure you have cash on you and on the weekends they can be very busy so expect to wait, but worst case scenario it just gives you time to drink more margaritas.